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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 30, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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senate planned to wait until today to vote on... and likely reject... a bill passed by the republican-led house. the stop-gap proposal would delay the affordable care act by one year and fund the federal government through mid- december. republican leaders have, so far, only passed spending bills that de-fund or postpone obamacare, and president obama has threatened to veto any changes to the affordable care act. democratic leaders want a house vote on the senate's funding bill -- which leaves obamacare out of the mix. i'm andrew spencer, reporting. tomorrow the national aquarium in washington will close it's doors... but it has nothing to do with the government shutdown. the aquarium has to move out of its current location in the department of commerce so crews can renovate the building. after today, the location's 25- hundred animals will move to new homes... including the baltimore national aquarium. for now, there are no concrete plans to bring the aquarium back... a task force is trying to find a new location and funding. the d-c aquarium will be open
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until five today. maryland casinos are being fined tens of thousands of dollars... for allowing underage gambling. "maryland live" has agreed to pay 20-thousand dollars relating to four violations. hollywood casino in perryville will shell out 10- thousand dollars for two incidents. gambling regulators say those are just six of 30 known violations over the past year. there are no penalties for the underage gamblers involved. inspectors are enroute to syria to strip the country's ability to make chemical weapons. yesterday, they met to discuss their plan of action... and syrian president bashar assad said his government will follow through with the u-n resolution. marianne rafferty reports, not everyone is convinced. while the u.n. security council has adopted a resolution to rid syria of it's chemical weapons.... some speculate whether syrian president bashar assad will follow though on his obligations... and wonder how other regimes will respond. evan bayh says: "so the syrians will probably cheat on any agreement. the
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russians won't help to enforce it. the iranians have been somewhat emboldened. there are tough days ahead." but despite what some critics say... assad says he vows to abide by the resolution to rid his country of it's estimated 1-thousand-ton chemical arsenal by mid- 2014. he adds his government also agreed to join the international convention that outlaws such arms. bashar assad says: "..we joined the international agreement for preventing the use and the acquirement of chemical weapons / is our history, to comply with every treaty we sign..." the security council is also paying close attention to syria's humanitarian crisis. more than 100- thousand have been killed and some two million other syrians have fled during the two and a 1/2-year-old civil war. some opted to live in neighboring countries, others have sought shelter in ancient ruins inside syria. (arabic) abu mohammed says: "life is nothing here. look, the kids don't go to school. they haven't been to school for two or three years." (arabic) youssef ismail says: "we never thought we would have to live
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with our families in old ruins, caves and olive groves, with our children just to look for a place to be safe." (anchor tag) meanwhile, an international team is expected to arrive in syria on tuesday, to begin dismantling the country's chemical weapon stockpile. in new york, marianne rafferty, fox news. president obama is planning to meet with benjamin netanyahu in washington today. the israeli prime minister is expected to share evidence showing iran's nuclear intentions haven't changed. israel is skeptical of iran's claim that their nuclear progam is for peaceful purposes. the former israeli ambassador to the u-s says netanyahu will give president obama some "very ha facts" showing "they haven't changed." the second appeal in the amanda knox case will begin today in italy. knox and her former boyfriend are not expected to be in court for this latest round. back in march, italy's highest court overturned her acquittal and ordered a new trial. the italian courts already convicted knox of killing her british roommate... and then reversed the ruling. italian law
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cannot make knox return for the trial... her lawyer says she has no plans to return to italy. knox issued a statement through a family spokesman calling the decision "painful"... but saying she's confident she'll be exonerated. today, alex rodriguez faces off against major league baseball ... to fight his 211- game suspension. "a-rod" is accused of doping. the suspension is the longest doping punishment. rodriguez claims major league baseball used unethical practices to target him because he was over paid and under performed. joe flacco's career-high five interceptions doom the ravens... in a tough loss to the buffalo bills. we pick it up in the second quarter... with the ravens ahead 7-6. e-j manuel fakes the handoff and airs a pass 42 yards downfield to robert woods for the go-ahead
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touchdown. in the third quarter... bills up 20-7... joe flacco is intercepted by aaron williams. the bills capitalize... and go up 20 to 7. fourth quarter... the ravens cut the lead to 3 on a justin tucker field goal... then... with just one minute left in the game... flacco is picked off by kiko alonso. that seals the bills victory... 23-20 the final. "we didn't play well... and then we had turnovers." the ravens also suffered a few injuries in the loss. lardarius webb and marlon
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brown have thigh strains... while albert mcclellan will get an m-r-i on his right shoulder today. deonte thompson suffered a concussion on a helmet-to- helmet hit. coming up on the early edition... taking a trip... out outer space. how much hundreds of people have shelled out... for virgin's foray into consumer space travel. ((break 1))
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fox45 is committed to bringing you stories that are meaningful and impact your lives. that's why we're asking for your help in shaping the type of newscast you'd like to see. we want you to know that you have a voice and we'll listen to your feedback. go to our website and take our news survey. there you'll be able to give us your thoughts on eleven different categories. it's another tool for us to bring you the most comprehensive bring you the most comprehensive newscasts in baltimore. to get started go to foxbaltimore dot com slash survey.... or click on "news survey" under hot topics on foxbaltimore dot com. still to come... smartphones... interrupting a perfectly nice night out. the high-costs associated with losing a new game... that many restaurant- goers are playing. "its not about the destination, its about
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the journey." an exclusive... and exotic... vacation package... for people with deep pockets. how virgin galactic is planning to shoot travelers into space... and get them back to earth. ((break 2))
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with everything. no. no no no no no. mommy's here. but instead she gives him capri sun. with absolutely no artificial preservatives. some call it the ultimate adventure... if you can afford it. hundreds of deep-pocketed travelers are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a seat on the first spaceship offering rides to ordinary consumers. virgin's "galactic" will start shuttling passengers to weightlessness next year. poppy harlow looks at the next frontier in space travel. who would spend up to a quarter million dollars for just minutes in space? "seeing the spaceship here is just absolutely mind-blowing." "its not about the destination, its about the journey." these people --more than 600 have signed on. "how much to
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charter one of these puppies?" "one point-two-mill." "wow! and i hear you're going to leave two seats empty, so its just the family?" "no, its not empty. there's two angels coming with us." (reporter stand up): "passengers won't just check in and hop on board. they'll get three days of training and health checks -- then a few hours in flight -- with about three minutes space." the mothership will carry "spaceship two" up, then release it to glide back to earth. unlike nasa's rockets-- it won't orbit the earth. sir richard branson is determined to take them there. "is this the new space race?" "i think it's the start of a new space race... it's not been easy - it's taken us five years more than we thought it would take, but, finally, they've pulled it off." that is, if the f- a-a gives galactic the green light. virgin says commercial
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launch is just months away. "we're broaching out into a new field in the sky, and we're gonna have some mishaps that happen now. hopefully, they won't be catastrophic." "do you ever fear you are putting too much at risk with this?" "...people risked a lot to get space of the ground in the first place. unless you risk something the world stays still." branson is such a believer he plans to take the first flight with his own children. david mackay will be at the controls. "we don't want to push too hard too'd be nice to be first to do it but the most important thing is to do it right. whoever is first has to be right." "what is your ultimate dream with this?" "we'll start with giving people a taste of space, then we'll send people into orbital flight...start building hotels in space." "really? in our lifetime?" "well, in your lifetime definitely, hopefully, in my lifetime."
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branson thinks the galactic program could be the most profitable business virgin has ever run. he says he hopes to see commercial space flight develop to offer faster destination travel -- like two-hour flights from new york to australia. straight ahead... hands off... at the dinner table. "i'm too nervous i'd lose." (laughs) the game that challenges its players to keep their smarthphones... at arms length. ((break 3)) ñú
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tired of having dinner with cell phones? try phone stacking the next time you go out to eat with your friends ... adrienne supino tells us -- this game might help get that smart phone addiction under control. it's friday night and you are our to dinner with friends and your cell phone goes off. do you get it? a new game, phone stacking, tests your willpower can't stop checking your phones at the table? well then stack em up!
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whoever grabs their phone first picks up the tab. mos says: "i'd play but i'm afraid i'd lose." scene magazine editor in chief peter davis has tried phonestacking with his friends. davis says: "(how did it go?) people were going nuts ... they got twitchy." could the phone stacking be a sign that people are fed up with constant connectivity? are people beginning to see the benefit of disconnecting from electronics? we asked clinical psychiatrist doctor harris straytener. stratyner says: "it could be the start of something i just wish people could do it without gambling...just put the phone in your jacket..." people piled them high and waited for the texts to roll in.... mos: "i definitely think interpersonal connection is the best you should not
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check your phone." supino says: "especially when you are out with three ladies." mos: "yes" coming up... a fire under the chesapeake bay bridge... leaves traffic backed up for hours. what caused the blaze... and how the drive looks this morning. b-p is headed back to court... over a 2010 oil spill disaster. the allegations of negligence... that the company is fighting. helping the poor was their mission... but now he's out of a job. why they fired him... tonight on fox 45 news at 5.
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map 97 map the harford county sheriff's office is investigating one of its own after the officer shot and killed a suspect. saturday afternoon officers responded to erie street in havre de grace for a fight. when they got there, they learned that austin francis jones had barricaded himself inside a house with a hostage.
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negotiators tried to talk him out of a back room. deputies say jones threatened them then pointed a dark object in their direction... thats when an officer opened fire and killed jones. neighbors are having a tough time believing what happened in their town. "a little scary. didn't sleep much. had trouble getting to sleep." "a little town like this, not much crime happens." officials pronounced 34- year-old jones dead at the scene. police say he had a protective order against the woman who lived in the house. the deputy who shot jones is on routine administrative leave. one person is dead.. after a car accident on baltimore national pike. baltimore county officials say it happened around 10-20, last night. a pedestrian was hit and killed.. we're told the driver is okay. the baltimore city fire department investigating a two alarm fire on york road. the flames broke out about 3 o'clock this morning at a store front building. fire fighters say the fire
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started in one building and spread to three others. all occupants were able to get out safely and will be provided with temporary housing. no injuries were reported. all lanes of the chesapeake bridge are back open after a fire under the structure. early reports indicate construction materials uner the bridge deck caught fire. a fire truck put out the fire from above, while fire boats checked for falling debris on a barge below. there are no reports of any injuries. because of the fire, police closed the westbound span... causing a huge headache for anyone heading back from the eastern shore this weekend. inspectors checked the bridge and did not find any damage. today, the accused aurora, colorado theater gunman... james holmes will appear in court. the hearing will deal with issues related to reporter jana winter, who learned and reported on a notebook holmes reportedly sent to his psychiatrist. holmes' defense claims leaked information violated a gag order and


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